Ready-Made Preschool was created by Kate Funk after experiencing the frustration of not having the time to provide her younger children with a meaningful preschool experience while meeting the demands of homeschooling her older children. After hearing similar stories echoed throughout the community, she turned that frustration into motivation and combined it with her background in teaching and running preschool programs to develop our Seasonal ABC’s – Level I program and launched Ready-Made Preschool. She just finished our Seasonal ABC’s – Level II program and continues to homeschool her 5 children.

Kit Information

Level 1 - Programmed is geared to 3 and 4 years old

Level 2 - Program geared toward 4 and 5 years old


“Ready-Made Preschool was the solution to many of my preschooler’s needs. He’s the youngest and was not getting to “do his school” because I was busy trying to learn Algebra and other subjects that I was teaching his older siblings. Ready-Made Preschool made it easy and affordable to teach my preschooler. I considered sending him to a preschool, but thought I give this program a try first. I’m so glad! It was just what we needed to help him learn and save me time. Everything is explained in an easy way, cut, prepped and organized in the box. The projects are so much fun my older kids love to teach their little brother, so they can do these projects too! He loves his school-in-a-box. I saved money and kept my family together for school. Thank you!!!” 

Shelly - Zelienople, PA


“I am a homsechooling mother of three children ages 9, 7 and 4. I attended the Frederick MACHE homeschool convention to get all the materials for our year. At the very end of the evening I came upon the Ready-Made Preschool booth. I had seen so many curricula by that point in the day but WOW, none impressed me like Ready-Made-Preschool. I am not sure I can adequately describe here in words how much I love this program. I am an engineer and my nature is to research everything inside-out. After looking through the teacher manual and the beautifully organized structure of the preschool year all I could ask was if this came in other grades as well and could I take it home immediately! The entire year fits into one box with literally every single thing you need to implement your daily lesson plans. The projects are beyond creative and fun – to the point that my seven year old daughter (and 9 year old son) want to do them at the end of their school day as well! It may sound crazy but using Ready-Made-Preschool has truly changed the entire atmosphere of our homeschool because all three children are having so much fun and Kate’s creativity speaks right to the heart of what kids love to do. They don’t even realize they are learning! I am anxiously awaiting the next version to be released and will be sure to order the additional child kit(s) as well!!”

“We just can’t say enough good things about your program! G loves preschool – it’s so nice to have everything ready to go when we want to do our lessons with him. His older sister (8) has been his teacher for the last four weeks and it is wonderful to see him learning while their relationship grows. My friends are probably tired of hearing me talk about it, but for a busy homeschooling family, it has been a perfect addition to our day! Thanks for using your gifts and talents to bless our family!”

Jamie – Grove City, PA


Heather – Huntington, MD


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